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When I’m Married…

“So do you have family – husband and children?” “No it’s just me.” “Oh that’s good – you can serve God more that way…” The last time someone said it, my buttons had been pushed one too many times and I responded with a little less grace than normal: “Well no, actually I expect that …

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Wife and Mother

You know, so often we look at men and there’s something about their physical size and brute strength, their ability to go out and crash through problems. It’s easy to make the mistake and think that it’s the man who’s the strongest force in marriage and in a family. Well maybe that’s true. But you …

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A Night Off

I’ve found a solution to my perceived marital problems: it’s easy, you can do this too.  Have a night away with the man of your dreams (this is not a reference to Ryan Gosling). I’m talking about your husband – remember when you used to dream about him?  It was right before you started washing …

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Why I Choose to be a Submissive Wife

When newly divorced Em Rusciano wrote a scathing article, asking what happily married Candace could possibly know about being happily married (because she chooses to be a ‘submissive wife), I raced to her defence.

Divorce Proof

January 3 is known as ‘divorce day’ – the most popular day for women to file for divorce. Perhaps because they’ve held it together for the festive season but can’t keep up the charade any longer.

An Argument A Day

A couple who have been married for 70 years say the secret to their happy marriage is one argument a day – that’s 25,550 disagreements to date!! Kath Shevels 91 said – “You have got to get everything out in the open and take the bad with the good.” This is from an article on …

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