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A Night Off

I’ve found a solution to my perceived marital problems: it’s easy, you can do this too.  Have a night away with the man of your dreams (this is not a reference to Ryan Gosling). I’m talking about your husband – remember when you used to dream about him?  It was right before you started washing his socks and reminding him where the laundry basket lives.

One night away with my husband is worth two weeks in a 5 star resort with our three children.  Imagine dinner without having to tell anyone to stop annoying their sister and to eat up or there will be no dessert.  Imagine not being suddenly awoken at 2am with the angelic face of one of your small people staring at you, just inches from your face and telling you that they had a bad dream.

You can choose an outfit and shoes to wear without thinking about whether you’ll be able to catch up with your toddler son if he does another ‘runner’ whilst in a crowd of people or near a busy road.

Our kids are great. They’re fun, if not always fun to be with, but sometimes stepping away can help you breathe in, smile and enjoy.

A night away gives you time to get to know each other again and remember why you pledged devotion all those years ago.  There’s nothing like the easiness of conversation when it’s just the two of you and you’re not having to keep watching the kids so they don’t a) spill their juice, b) poke themselves in the eye, c) forget that they really need to go to the toilet.

Now, excuse my whilst I go back to scraping weetbix off the floor.  And praying for bedtime to come soon.

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