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Time out for your teen

Living with a teenager is relentless.  The pace of the average family is at times close to ridiculous.  Parents are juggling their own career ambitions, their marriage, their health, their children’s extracurricular activities (do you feel like a taxi driver?), the housework and the bills…not to mention their teenager’s constant drama! In the fear of …

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Meriam Ibrahim Released

A court in Sudan has ordered the release of Meriam Ibrahim, the 27-year-old Sudanese woman who was sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging for alleged adultery and apostasy.
Sudan’s high court in Khartoum canceled the case, the Associated Press reports.

Tug of War for Your Child’s Health

New federal guidelines recommend kids and teens exercise for at least 60 minutes a day and limit electronic media use to no more than two hours a day. The Federal Department of Health updated Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines, emphasising the link between sedentary behaviours in childhood and increased risk of chronic disease. …

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