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Sometimes I find my myself wondering what it would be like if he was here now.  I’d like to make a place for him at our table for Christmas lunch like I do for Mum and other family and friends.  I’d like to serve him and make up the spare room in our home.  I’d […]

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When I’m Married…

“So do you have family – husband and children?” “No it’s just me.” “Oh that’s good – you can serve God more that way…” The last time someone said it, my buttons had been pushed one too many times and I responded with a little less grace than normal: “Well no, actually I expect that

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Your Weekly Dose of Parenting News

Here’s what’s happening in the world of parenting this week…

Some hope at last for Endometriosis sufferers.
What happens when boys and girls can no longer be called boys and girls? A school in Nebraska is finding out.
See how kids around the world start their day.
And a 10 year old boy who started a business 5 years ago to buy his mother a car.

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Are Mother-in-Laws Just Misunderstood?

A beautiful girl. A beautiful dress. Vows lovingly declared in a lush garden by a tranquil lagoon.

Then a lunch Reception on the water. Words are spoken into a microphone, toasting the Bridesmaids, reminiscing with the groomsmen… but as the groom thanked his mother, a thousand unspoken words passed between them. A gentle ‘nod’ and they both knew. There was so much more said in that moment than just a polite ‘thanks a bunch for feeding me and waking me up for school.’

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