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Fit Club

Exercising with small children. Ha! You’ve got to be kidding, right?!

Attempts to get into some sort of a routine with the wii Fit were thwarted by my 2 ½ year old, who wanted more than anything in the world to stand on the balance board with me. Aaargh!
Star jumps in front of a workout DVD would often result in a small hand being trodden underfoot and trying to achieve any sort of momentum on a walk with the pram was a lost cause – Tyson jumping out every few steps to smell a flower or pick up a twig. Aaaargh!

I concluded that exercise with small children was more frustrating than invigorating.

It just so happens that I live in a street full of mums like me. All trying to get into some sort of exercise routine but seriously lacking ‘me time’ to make any sort of real go of it.
Putting our heads together, we realised that the only time we had for uninterrupted exercise was 8pm – after kids are tucked in bed and hubby is in relax mode.
And so began Fit Club.

We’re a motley crew of mums on a mission… to burn baby fat. 3 nights a week we meet in the street.

Night 1 is a weights session on our previously dust-gathering gym equipment; Night 2 is a walk/run, and Night 3 is a Jillian Michaels ‘Body Shred’ DVD in Jodie’s rumpus. We’re all at varying levels of fitness and that’s okay. It’s roughly an hour of child free time, I’m actually starting to fit back into some of my pre-baby clothes and it costs nothing.

Doing it together just works. Instead of dragging myself out of the comfy lounge, I find myself looking forward to catching up with the girls over a gruelling workout and knowing there’s someone waiting out the front of your house is motivation enough to get moving. It’s true what they say, everything’s better when you do it together, including getting healthy!

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