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Spare a Thought for Generation Lamb

Sam Kekovich is one of those polarising characters and in recent years, his name has become synonymous with the fight against ‘un-Australianism.’

I caught a glimpse of the 2014 ad recently (actually, I had to watch it a couple of times to make sense of his ‘break-neck speed’ banter) and I’ll say something I never thought I would: maybe Sam’s onto something.

His catch-cry this year is: Set the example for Generation Lamb… an appeal to parents to get their kids eating healthy (ie lamb) and to stamp out ‘un-Australianism’ – more specifically; not eating lamb.

As a parent of a couple of ‘Gen Lambs,’ it made me think; here’s what I’d like to world to say about our Aussie kids…

Aussie Kids are Fit Kids
A Personal Trainer recently said to me; ‘If you want to have fit kids, you need to be fit yourself.’According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 70.3% of Aussie males and 55.7% of Aussie females are obese. I’ve spent the last year working hard to get myself out of these statistics and my kids often pull me up when I make bad eating choices. Me: ‘Let’s go to Maccas for lunch!’ Tyson: ‘No mum, let’s go to subway. It’s much better.’ Ouch. We went to a kids’s party on the weekend and I was taken by surprise to see there were no lollies or chocolate on offer. Not one smarty. And guess how many kids complained? Absolutely none! They got stuck into the watermelon and grapes like they were going out of style! Well done Gen Lamb.

Aussie Kids are Friendly Kids
No one is born racist. No one is born a bully. The buck stops with us! Teach your kids that everyone matters by treating everyone around you like they matter. I’m so glad the media have wised up and renamed ‘King Hits’ their rightful name: ‘Coward Punches’ – words are so powerful. 33.3% of Aussie women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15. It’s up to us to teach kids respect and make them good citizens. Who else will do it?

Aussie Kids are Grateful Kids
Gratitude is one of the most important lessons you can teach your kids. Truly appreciating what they have, rather than whining about what they want will set them up for a happy life. I’ve travelled the world and I’m incredibly grateful that I get to live in Australia. Breath-taking landscapes, freedom, democracy, opportunities, education, clean water… the list of blessings we easily take for granted goes on. Make sure you keep reminding your kids what it means to live in Australia – never, never, never take it for granted, Generation Lamb!