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Thinking about New Year’s resolutions yet? Have you even given this year’s resolutions a second thought since January 1st?

I am! Because, for the first time in my entire life, I actually achieved my New Year’s resolution this year!
Want to know what it was…?

On the birth of my second child, I weighed in at 85kg. My goal was to get back to my Wedding Day weight of 57.5kg. Why? Because that’s the time in my life I felt healthiest. Had the most energy and felt ‘right’ in my body.

It might seem like a pretty cliché resolution but this time I really meant it. And this time, I wasn’t alone.

Fit Club kicked off with me and 3 of my neighbours getting together 3 nights a week to spur each other on with gruelling work outs and pep talks about healthy eating.

Healthy eating was probably the hardest part, when my body was still craving those things I ‘had’ to have when I was pregnant… Mainly chocolate and hamburgers.

My solution was to have 4-5 days of completely disciplined eating, then give myself permission to indulge on weekends and that worked for me.

overweight annette
This is my ‘before’ shot. I actually could’t do up the zip on this dress so I used a safety pin!

As the year progressed, the members of fit club dwindled for one reason or another, until there was just me. I missed the company and the encouragement but I was on a mission. So, 3 nights a week, I’d tuck my boys into bed and head downstairs. ‘America’s Biggest Loser’ trainer, Jillian Michaels became my workout partner and she doesn’t muck around. Each night, I feel truly worked out!

It took a while to pick up momentum but as I saw the numbers slowly start to drop on the scales and I could do up zippers that previously wouldn’t budge, my motivation grew.

Even better… I found myself able to keep up with the kids. Now I love getting into play equipment with them, or kicking a ball, or playing ‘chasey,’ and they run out of puff before I do.

Then it happened. Just before my birthday, I weighed in at 57.5kg precisely! By now, most of my clothes were literally falling off me and so hubby gave me gift vouchers for my birthday and I got to do something I’d been dreaming about since… like, forever… I bought my first dress from ‘Forever New.’

More recently, my good friend and style guru, Davina from With One Glance helped me choose a dress for my brother’s wedding. Of course, it was from my favourite shop, ‘Forever New.’ Is it possible to fall in love with a dress? Because I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight.

Something else I love about not being 85kg any more is that I can wear high heels again without feeling my ankles creak under the weight. So, I chose the sparkliest heels I could find to match my outfit.

I couldn’t wait until the wedding to wear it out, so, a couple of weeks early, the lovely Erina Merriweather did my makeup and Melissa Carey from ‘ClickMiss Photography’ took some photos.

For me, this was a celebration of my weight loss journey and what I’ve achieved so far.

Thanks so much to Davina, Erina & Melissa for a really fun morning. It's so good to see the results of my hard work!
Thanks so much to Davina, Erina & Melissa for a really fun morning. It’s so good to see the results of my hard work!

If you’re thinking about making weightloss your New Year’s Resolution, here are my tips:
1. Fad diets don’t work. Don’t waste your time. There’s no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise.
2. Do it with someone if you can. You can motivate and encourage each other and hold each other accountable when the going gets tough.
3. Make it work in with your lifestyle. I found the gym a waste of time for me because just getting there was such a hassle. I created a space for working out and discovered the time that suited me best. Having little ones, 7.30pm works for me but if you’re a morning person (I am NOT) – go for it!
4. Have the right motivation. Wanting a bikini body wasn’t enough for me. Being a ‘fun mum’ who can keep up with my kids has kept me going. And I want to be able to keep up with my Grandkids, too, when the time comes.
5. Don’t be too hard on yourself. So, you missed a workout, or had a bit of a chocolatey splurge? Pick up where you left off tomorrow. Every workout counts so don’t give up! And every good decision brings you one step closer to your goal!