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When you’re feeling low, exercise is often far from your imagination!

But, if you can get yourself started – maybe ask a friend, family member or your partner to join  you, the benefits are amazing!


  • You’ll feel better about yourself. Meeting small goals along the way and watching your body become strong will surely give your self-confidence a terrific boost;
  • Doing exercise can take your mind off the issues that may be causing you concern;
  • Exercise is a great way to talk to others if you’re exercising with friends, neighbours or family members;
  • Exercise is a positive alternative to enhance your health, rather than drowning your problems in alcohol or taking some other destructive path.

The word ‘exercise’ can send a feeling of fear through some of us who aren’t sport orientated. Never fear! Doing household chores with extra vigor, or a couple of extra runs up and down the stairs during the day, or taking the kids for a bike ride/run, are all great ways to get moving. I am sure you will come up with many more ideas of your own.

Here are some final thoughts before you launch into your fitness regime!!

  • Set attainable goals! If you set the bar too high, like “I’m going to exercise for one hour every day,” you will become discouraged and disappointed with yourself when you don’t do that – work out what is achievable for you. You can always change the goals;
  • Reward yourself! If you reach little goals along the way, do something to celebrate. However, if you miss your exercise for a couple of days, put it to the side and start again tomorrow. Be kind to yourself;
  • Look upon your exercise as a positive part of your health program rather than an “I must” or “I need to” or “I should be”;
  • Sit down and look at what may be stopping you from exercising, such as – too expensive, not motivated, self conscious etc. and then think of solutions to overcome these issues. Such as, go walking – that’s free and you will get the added benefit of fresh air and sunshine. Find a buddy to work out with (someone who is motivated and focused). Work out at home until you feel more comfortable about taking your lycra clad body outside;
  • Talk to your doctor before you begin your exercise programme to be sure blood pressure and other health concerns are addressed. He/she may have some ideas to assist your new lifestyle – diet charts etc;

Finally, if you’re still experiencing any signs of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions, see your doctor. Exercise is a fabulous tool to lessen your mental health symptoms; however it doesn’t replace medication and/or therapy.

So, get active and have fun, smile and be healthy!

“If you are constantly under stress for any reason, your body can be exposed to higher than normal levels of hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline – and this can affect your health, contributing to a range of problems from headaches to depression and even high blood pressure.

 People who are stressed may also be less likely to eat well or find time to exercise, or use ways to cope with stress that can damage their health such as over-eating, smoking or over-use of alcohol and other drugs.

But an antidote may be at hand – regular exercise.” –

3 thoughts on “Fit Mum Healthy Mind”

  1. Great article Donna. I was diagnised with Epilepsy when I was 11. Excercise was the key. I lead a very normal life. I’m a keen enthusiast of exercise for mind, body and spirit. It is often said “you are what you eat”. I believe “you are what you excercise” too! Lol. You are right on the ball for keeping it achievable. Any excercise is good for you…house work. ..a 20 minute walk. Keeping it enjoyable and realistic is so important. Melissa.

  2. Thanks Melissa, I love your belief, “you are what you exercise”! Sounds as though you are a living testament to exercise. Well one!! All the best to you. Donna

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