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First Day of School

Along with mums all over Australia, I have just recently taken my eldest to school for the very first time to start prep. I remember the day he started kindergarten.  It was relatively emotion-free – Tyson raced off as we walked through the door, finding someone and something to play with.  He’s always been a […]

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Why You Need a Parenting Coach

If you want to be good at something, it’s best to get a coach. The best sportspeople, businesspeople, and musicians in the world usually have coaches, teachers, or guides. They know that to be the best they can be, they need someone to help analyse what they’re doing, find space for improvement, and guide them

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A Caring Teacher

As parents we have all been exposed to the ‘Parent Teacher Interview’. I remember as a child dreading the return of my parents following their interview with my teachers. I knew they would hear the standard, which was always: 1) Susan’s grades are good 2) Susan talks too much in class 3) Susan socializes too

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