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5 Things Your Kids Need to Hear From You

The words we use– and the way we use those words – can have an enormous impact on our children’s happiness and confidence.

For confident kids, here are 5 things we should say as often as possible:

1. Thank you

Gratitude shows our kids we appreciate them. Saying thanks, and explaining why you’re grateful, can positively influence how your child feels about themselves.

2. I’m sorry

By saying sorry we show that we’re imperfect and learning – just like our kids. And we teach our children that it’s ok to admit mistakes.

3. You worked so hard

Rather than praising our kids for a ‘good job’, research shows that recognising effort is a better motivator, and it’s also linked to more positive outcomes.

4. What do you think?

By deferring to our children, they learn to think for themselves, and take more responsibility.

5. I love you

Every child should hear these words every day – and not just hear them, but see them in action.

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