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Are you guilty of this on holidays?

Each year we take a family camping trip. Camping just seems to be one of those family activities that bring back incredible childhood memories. All sorts of things tend to go wrong, no matter how organised you are, and yet these create the best memories and most fun. These are the stories we talk about for years afterwards with great amusement and joy. We have just arrived home from another one of those trips.

Simple Holiday Fun

Trying to come up with fresh ideas of fun things to do with your kids during the holidays? Here are a few things our family likes to do…

My Dream Holiday

In my life BC (Before Children), my idea of complete relaxation was luxuriating beside a pool on a tropical island, reading a book, or ordering room service and getting up only to go to the bathroom. Sigh… good times. Nowadays, the idea of going away is exhausting! Packing for 4 people whilst remaining under the …

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