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Are you guilty of this on holidays?

Each year we take a family camping trip. Camping just seems to be one of those family activities that bring back incredible childhood memories. All sorts of things tend to go wrong, no matter how organised you are, and yet these create the best memories and most fun. These are the stories we talk about for years afterwards with great amusement and joy. We have just arrived home from another one of those trips.

Yamba on the mid north coast of New South Wales was the location – as it has been for the past 3 years. A small town of just 5,500 people. However, it has some great coffee shops, funky clothes and homewares shops, beautiful beaches, and amazing views.  Scooters, skateboarding, surfing, jumping pillows, running, swimming, rock jumping, you know, all the good stuff.

There are about 12 families, including 40 kids at these trips. As you could imagine, we don’t see our kids often. We do, however, know they are around and safe because there’s food missing…

Thank you for informing me

One of the things I have learnt (a lot slower than the rest of my family) is that, for some reason, I tend to get frustrated during set up and pack down. I don’t seem upset or angry, but I know (after my family so ‘kindly’ pointed out to me) that I tend to get short with them; the tent, the tarp, the gazebo and anything else close by.

I’m not 100% sure why I get frustrated setting up and packing down. Usually, I’m a fairly relaxed individual. The only thing that makes sense is that I want it done quickly, efficiently and then go and do something fun…

Whatever the reason, I have realized that when I do get this way, it tends to have an effect on my wife and kids. Then I get frustrated at the fact that they are now a little short with each other.

Hypocrite? Who’s a hypocrite????? Ah… That would be me.

I am now taking more notice and working on myself. Because what I do has an effect on the whole family, and worse still, it may not end when the tent is set up.

What sort of culture does that create?

Do you have any behaviour or speech habits that may be having a negative effect on your family?


photo by bjearwicke istockphoto