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4 Quick Tips for Great Holiday Pics

1. It is not about having a state of the art camera.

Whether you choose to use a top of the range DSLR; a compact pocket camera; or a mobile phone camera… it’s the content in the photo that really counts. It is often the case that when an unexpected ‘captured moment’ occurs, your ‘good’ camera is in the boot, or back in the hotel room. It is second nature to have your mobile phone on you at all times or your pocket camera tucked away in your hand bag.  Take advantage of the best resources you have and shoot away. Get to know your camera settings (including your smartphone camera) before you leave for your holiday destination.


2. Light is your best friend.holidaysnaps2

Use the sun to your advantage. If the sun is behind your subject, it will create a lovely hazy, halo effect. Look out for interesting reflections and shadows. Overcast days can actually be the best time to take photos, if you want a clean, clear shot. During sundown and sunup is a great time to capture landscape shots, if you catch a family member within this shot you will find yourself with a beautiful silhouette of a loved one against a majestic backdrop.



3. Be creative about angles, lines and contours.holidaysnaps3

Try laying your camera on the ground and take a ‘down low’ photo.   Alternatively try taking shots ‘looking up’. You will be amazed at the detail you can capture in these shots.






4. Mix up posed shots and spontaneous momentsholidaysnaps4

It is often the spontaneous experiences you have captured that resonate with you when you get back home and look through your pictures. People, animals and objects ‘on the move’ make great photos, as do shots of a loved one deep in thought, reflecting upon their holiday experience.




Most of all…have fun, experiment and try to encourage the whole family to participate in taking photos – including young children… they capture amazing detail!

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