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Gratitude Journalling

I used to really enjoy my quiet time… before kids. I’d pour over my bible, read a daily devotional and have a deeply heartfelt, eloquent prayer time.

Now my ‘quiet time’ is the period between when the boys go to sleep and I collapse into bed. My prayers go something like this: ‘Dear God, thanks that Jack is nearly walking. Actually, I need to get him some new shoes. I wonder if Best & Less is having a sale. I could get Tyson some pants while I’m there. Need to iron my pants. Got to increase my iron intake… Got… to… take… zzzzzzzz.’ Pretty sad, right?

The solution is all about multi-tasking.

I don’t even have time to read the back of a cereal box these days, let alone my bible. No worries. While the boys are watching a Wiggles DVD in the back of the car, I’ve got ‘the message’ on cd, reading the bible to me from cover to cover as I head out to appointments. I think it’s even better than reading it myself.

And prayer time has merged with my Journal time. To help me stay awake and to hold my attention, I’ve started a ‘Gratitude Journal,’ inspired by

It’s a great way to document my day and keep track of the boys’ development. I write down everything I’m grateful for each day and finish off with my prayer requests. My pledge is to only write positive, happy things in there. I’d love it if my boys discovered it one day and read all the things I’m grateful for about them and my hubby.

It’s also a great way to end my day on a high. If it’s been a particularly rubbish day, I’m forced to think of the silver linings and small blessings that got me through.

The bible talks about t transforming your mind in Romans 12:2 and the powerful effect it will have on your life.

You should try it sometime. You might be surprised at the changes around you.

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