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Gratitude is Good for Your Health

Who’d have thought that simply being grateful could have so many health and wellbeing benefits?

In controlled experimental trials conducted by the Greater Good Science Centre, one group was asked to write down 5 things they were grateful for each day, another group was asked to write down the things that annoyed them each day.

The ‘grateful group’ showed, amongst other positive outcomes, increased alertness, better sleep, improved social interactions, improved health and even reduced blood pressure.

In a similar study amongst Grade 6 & 7 students, the ‘grateful’ students showed increased academic outcomes, improved relationships with parents and teachers and improved social interactions.

Instilling an attitude of gratitude into your kids is a priceless gift. Here are some ideas to help encourage a culture of gratitude in your home…

– Each night at the dinner table, ask each child what they’re grateful for about the day.
– Get everyone to start a Gratitude Journal and document everything they’re grateful for. On a tough day, it’s a great way to remember how blessed you are.
– Keep reminding your kids of all the things you’re grateful for about them and encourage them to talk about the things they’re grateful for about each other.
– Wherever possible, encourage your kids to see the silver lining in every situation.

You can watch a video of the findings from this study below…

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