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Making Peace With Me

I would never have called myself ‘skinny,’ even before kids. But my new ‘post baby’ body has taken some getting used to.

I think a lot of women struggle to accept what they see in the mirror after becoming a mum. Some things have changed… possibly permanently.

Exercise has given me back some curves in the right places but despite thousands of situps, my mid section still resembles a bowl of porridge and my stretch marks are here to stay. It was very discouraging.

Then I watched this video and it changed my whole perspective on my ‘post birth’ body. Seeing it for the first time for what it really is… beautiful.

Each stretch mark tells the story of hope and life and growth. My porridge-like tummy was home to my two favourite people – my kids and they’ve left an indelible mark on my body and in my heart. Every mum should watch this video and make peace with their ‘mummy body’. It’s a reminder of your greatest achievement – becoming a mum.

2 thoughts on “Making Peace With Me”

  1. It’s definitely one of my biggest challenges too Annette! I earned my tiger stripes in my first pregnancy!!! I am very much trying to embrace them as marks of the amazing achievements of my body – after all, I wouldn’t trade our son or this little one growing inside me for ANYTHING!!!

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