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Why Memories Matter

I was told a very inspiring true story recently that I would love to share with you. I only hope I can do this story justice.

A lady was told she couldn’t have children, so without trying she found herself pregnant quickly! She was overcome with awe, amazement, wonder, gratitude, love and excitement. So she decided to journal her story. Every day of her miraculous pregnancy and for the first year of her son’s life she would write down her feelings and what was happening for her.

The little boy was born with one side of his face deformed. He had no ear and some facial imperfections.

The woman went on to have another four children, so the journal was all but lost and forgotten.

When her first child turned fourteen he became very angry and disruptive and was heading down a road of self destruction. The whole family was affected and they were beginning to fall apart and fracture.

One Thanksgiving day they decided to get the whole family together and go into the attic and sort through their boxes of memories and treasures. Each family member having to decide what they wanted to keep and what they wanted to throw out.

The angry son said he wasn’t going to take part because he had nothing he wanted to keep. His Mum persisted and handed him a box of her scrapbooking things. “Go down stairs, dust these off and put them on the table, then I can come and go through them.” She asked her son. He was not seen or heard for a few hours, so Mum went downstairs to find out what he was doing.

She found her son sitting on the sofa hugging the long lost and forgotten journal to his chest, with tears flowing down his face. He looked at his Mum and said, “I didn’t realize how much you loved me and wanted me.”

From that day on he was a changed boy. Every day he tells his Mum he loves her and thanks her for all she does for him. “Thanks for cutting my lunch”, “Thanks for cooking my dinner”.

As a Mum and Nonna I listened to this story and felt the power of love that is so amazing and really does heal all broken hearts, souls, bodies and minds.

My invitation to you today – write down your story, there is power in our story, where you’re from, who you are, your relationships, your dreams, your happiness and yes your sadness.

And tell your loved ones how much you love them and how proud you are of them every day. Even those days when life and family are overwhelmingly frustrating and challenging!

Remember to love!!!