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Can I Ask You A Question?

No wonder I’m so tired!

A recent UK study has found that the average child asks around 300 questions a day.

How on earth did our parents ever get by before Google?

What made me smile was that the research revealed kids were more likely to ask their mother questions because their father was likely to say ‘ask your mother.’

Here are my tips for being the best ‘source of all knowledge’ you can be.

1. Be patient. You’re going to be asked a whole lot of questions that seem exasperatingly obvious but remember, your little person is new at this ‘life’ thing and they have a lot to learn.

2. Be prepared. Read the top 5 toughest questions mothers get asked below and start googling the answers. Chances are, at some point, you’ll be asked these questions to so read up!

3. Make learning fun! Over the holidays, take your kids to the museum, workshops, the science centre etc – whatever creative learning opportunities are available in your community and ignite their passion for learning. What a great gift to give your child!

The five toughest questions mothers get asked:
1) Why is water wet? (35 per cent)
2) Where does the sky end? (34 per cent)
3) What are shadows made of? (33 per cent)
4) Why is the sky blue? (20 per cent)
5) How do fish breathe under water? (18 per cent)

What’s the strangest question your child has ever asked you?

Remember this ad? It’s a perfect example of how important it is to get the answers right!

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