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Watch True Fatherhood in Action

true fatherhoodToday is Father’s Day in the USA… the perfect time to reflect on the importance of our dads!

Recently, we celebrated my hubby’s birthday and discovered, all too late, that we’d run out of ‘grown up’ candles. Of course, our boys were poised on their daddy’s lap in anticipation of the official ‘blowing out of birthday candles’ moment and I couldn’t disappoint. So, rummaging through the bottom drawer, I found a Spiderman candle from our 3 year old’s birthday a few months’ earlier. Perfect.

For many lucky kids, their dad is their first Super Hero. He doesn’t wear spandex or a cape (thank goodness!); He wears toddlers around his ankles and a few grey hairs on his head. His super powers include bringing complete silence to a room simply by furrowing his eyebrows, making his kids feel safe just by being present, and secure by showering them with a supernatural love.

Today, I just want to say: Dads, you’re kind of a big deal. To your kids, you’re a Super Hero and that’s a pretty important job title.

The dad who brought us the Best First Date has just launched a new video that captures the love of a dad for his little girl on her life’s journey. This is what true fatherhood looks like…

If more dads understood just how important they are in the lives of their children, the world would be a better place.