Mum Daily

A Place for Real Mothers

I haven’t had the opportunity to blog in the last several weeks, and I realized how fast time flies in just the daily grind of life. My “Jesus & Me” time in these past days have been filled with reflecting on the divine responsibility of being a mother. Maybe it was the symbolism of Mother’s Day, but whatever it was – the weight of it has been quite overwhelming. I really believe as Moms, we are truly trying to do the best we can. However, in the process of juggling so much, we allow our priorities to get shifted.

So my question, dear Mothers, is do you ever feel alone in your struggles as a mother? I surely do.

Although our circumstances might be quite different, I believe many of us feel that pain of loneliness. That’s why it’s my passion to offer Mothers a place to keep God’s perspective and promises front and center in their lives. The topics I write about are to provide a place where you can share real life struggles, and gain a better understanding of how the Bible can be relevant in your role as a mother. By connecting Scripture to everyday life, you are able to achieve confidence to open the Bible with the promise that God will speak to you through His Word. Don’t miss the opportunity to fill your life with Truth in order to have a better defense when Satan whispers lies about how you’re doing as a mother.

I pray, as Mothers, we can unite together to share real life, with real kids, real marriages, real singleness and real struggles. Surviving and even thriving through all of this can be conquered when our confidence is rooted in Christ Jesus. His unmeasurable hope fills a loneliness void that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

Be Real ~ Be You!