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The Difference Between Men and Women

It was Saturday morning and we had a party to go to.  We had to leave by 10.20am to be on time.  Luke was up with the boys.

Sunday morning and we had an event to go to.  We had to leave by 8am to be on time.  Susie was up with the boys.

On Saturday, Susie went shopping in the morning, organised the wrapping of presents and the writing of cards for upcoming parties, did some washing up, helped get the boys dressed, brushed the boys’ hair and got herself ready.

Luke, fed the boys, ironed clothes, did some cleaning up and got himself ready.

And we walked out the door twenty minutes late, with Susie believing she didn’t really help much.

On Sunday, Susie fed the boys, washed up the dishes, cleaned the table and the benches, put on a load of washing, took out the rubbish, ironed the clothes, got the boys dressed, brushed their teeth, brushed their hair, got herself ready and hung out the washing.

Luke got himself ready and put on the boys’ shoes.

And we walked out the door twenty minutes late, but two hours earlier than the day before and Luke believes he really helped.

I may be starting to see why men are associated with healthy egos, whilst women often battle guilt and feel less than.

So, today, the battle begins.  Today I start to look at and celebrate what I have done, not be burdened by what isn’t done, what someone else did, or what I should have been able to do.  Today, I start to learn that each bit helps, to not compare and to celebrate my accomplishments with an internal smile at myself.  Or maybe an internal high five.  High fives always feel celebratory.

Here’s to healthy habits inside and out.


Susie is co-host of the Brekky Show on the Gold Coast’s Juice 107.3FM