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Are You Guilty of Oversharenting?

Family portraits, holiday happy snaps and first steps are one thing but we’re talking about something else here and potentially far more sinister… we’re talking about ‘oversharenting.’

It’s a phrase first used by Steven Leckart in the Wall Street Journal back in 2012 and haven’t we all seen an example or two pop up on our Facebook walls since then?

Perhaps you’re even guilty of it yourself? I’m scrolling through my Profile to see if I am!

You know, the photos of tender moments, like baby’s first bath. So innocent on your iPhone and texted to Grandparents but how will your little one feel in 15 years’ time when their cute ‘nude’ photo is turned into a meme and seen around the world?

Therein lies the problem.

When we look at our kids, we see precious creatures who bring us joy and happy memories but the sinister underbelly of the internet can turn our keepsake photos into something else altogether.

And it’s not just photos, as this article in iVillage explains: Maybe hearing similar stories from other parents makes us feel less unusual. “Yes, my child sticks things up his nose too,” or, “Sure, my 10-year-old is still wetting the bed,” or, “Ha, how funny does my little girl look trying on my bra?”

But how will your child feel when they’re old enough to read your updates years from now?

But the consequences may be far more immediate, with Facebook and instagram shutting down accounts over seemingly innocent snapshots of children’s bottoms and undies. Really?

So, now when I get the urge to share my child’s toilet training accomplishments, or cute bath time photos, I’ll save them for family get-togethers and keep it light online.