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Take Great Action Shots of Your Kids

Quick tips to take great pictures of children and action shots…many would agree these two fall into the same category!

Tip 1.  For a clear photo of a fast moving object/person you really need good light. Sunny days are best for outdoor action shots. Cloudy days are fine too; as long as they are allowing enough light to filter through. Try and let as much light into your house as possible for indoor shots and turn on lights if necessary. Alternatively, you can use your flash, although this can sometimes give the end product a ‘washed out’ look.
Clickmiss action shot 2

Tip 2.  Try to hold your camera as still as you can and choose the ‘action shot’ function. This means your camera will use a faster shutter speed to capture a clearer picture of your moving subject.


Clickmiss action shot 3Tip 3.  To take great photos of children, it is a smart idea to get down to their level and think about what they really love doing. Think of interesting toys, special play spaces around the home, playgrounds, parks, sports and holiday activities.


Clickmiss action shot 4
Tip 4.  Try continuous shoot mode for really fast moving objects and children. Remember, you will end up with quite a few photos, so try not to hold the shutter down for too long!

Tip 5.  Blur – Ahem… the inevitable! Actually, distortion/blur can create a really interesting, artistic shot. So before you hit delete, have a good look and see if you actually think the blur creates a feeling of movement in your shot. 

Have fun, get to know your camera settings (including smart phone cameras) and don’t forget to include your children in the creative process!    Melissa xx (Clickmiss Photography)