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Shop Well, Stay Well

If it’s in the pantry, you’ll eat it. I know it sounds like common sense, but it’s true! If we shop well, and keep tempting treats out of our reach, it makes it far easier to make healthier choices every day. It’s a fact that one in three cancer cases are preventable through simple lifestyle

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Childhood Cancer Death Rates drop

Australian childhood cancer death rates have dropped significantly over a decade, new Cancer Council Queensland research shows. The CCQ study*, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, examined Australian childhood cancer mortality trends between 1998 and 2008. The study found significant decreases in childhood cancer death rates in the 11-year period surveyed, with the largest drops

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Lost in Thought

It had been a big week and my husband, Luke, came to my rescue by providing space and time for me to be alone by taking the children out. As always, my first use of time was in getting much-needed cleaning done.  You know, the stuff that you try to do when the kids are

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How to be Happier & Healthier

Saying thank you to others and being openly grateful for their service and help, no matter how small or significant leaves us feeling happy and positive and in a good mood! Our negative feelings are diminished. Notice the next time you are at the check-out and how a smile and ‘thank-you’ can change the attitude of a maybe exhausted or grumpy assistant, and then be aware of how you are feeling by lifting their day!

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Baby Blues

I remember a day or two after having my first baby (almost 28 years ago!), lying in my hospital bed and gazing at him in wonder…..and sobbing. My very caring doctor looked at me with concerned eyes and asked “Are you happy with your baby?” I looked back at him and in amongst my sobs

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Creamy sauce – hold the cream

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Sometimes we just can’t help our cravings for those lardy creamy sauce dishes—like pasta Alfredo. Unfortunately, eating them has always made me violently ill and bloated so over the years I’ve had to come up with my own creative ways. Normally I’d use organic tofu or cashew to make a creamy sauce for pasta dishes,

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