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My Son’s Anger Frightens Me – Part 2

Parents and teenagers live in different worlds and their challenge is finding common ground.  Common ground is a place where the arguing stops, even if only for a moment.  Finding common ground can be as simple as a well-timed look, an in-house joke, a quick hug, a catch up about sport or a trip to the shops via a milkshake bar.  Finding common ground confirms, “I can still find something I like about you even when you are totally annoying me!”

My Son’s Anger Frightens Me – Part 1

I am frightened by my son’s temper.  He flies off the handle, swearing, punching things.  He can erupt over the smallest things.  I don’t know why he is so angry.  He’s not a child anymore and it does frighten me when he’s out of control.  He is much bigger than I am and he’s getting so strong.

Does Your Teen Lie?

Facebook, Instagram, Text Messages and Games have them captivated them...or so I am told by a lot of frustrated parents who want their kids back. These are parents who are ready to fight their way back into their teenager's lives. Shock, horror...they want to parent again!

Parent Question: Any ideas for dealing with lying? Lying about assignments, homework, jobs done. I despise lying. And despite my dealings with druggies every working day and being an amazing lie detector, she is managing to slip some past me – just because I can’t understand why should would lie to me in the first place …

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Convincing Your Teen to See a Counsellor

So, your young person doesn’t want to go to counselling? You are faced with the challenge of convincing them it’s a good idea.  At this point you’re probably feeling like it’s going to be as difficult as selling ice to an Eskimo.  Your young person may be saying that they don’t want to talk to anyone, that there isn’t a problem or that it won’t help anyway.  These are challenging mindsets to get through.

Hope for Parents with Teens

A few days ago I received this email, written by a past client. This family saw me about a year ago during which time things felt chaotic and set to never change.  I am sharing this letter with the hope it gives you perspective, hope and encouragement. I also hope it relieves some of the …

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My Teen is out of Control

Do you have any ideas on how to deal with a teenager who has changed her whole attitude towards life?  She no longer wants to attend school and has started smoking. I don’t know what to do. Not every parent is in this position, but those who are know they are faced with an intense …

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