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Convincing Your Teen to See a Counsellor

So, your young person doesn’t want to go to counselling? You are faced with the challenge of convincing them it’s a good idea.  At this point you’re probably feeling like it’s going to be as difficult as selling ice to an Eskimo.  Your young person may be saying that they don’t want to talk to anyone, that there isn’t a problem or that it won’t help anyway.  These are challenging mindsets to get through.

Taking Time Out

In June I began a long arduous journey of ill health. I just couldn’t get past feeling lousy! One day I was cruising through face book and a quote jumped off the screen and hit me in between the eyes. It read “when our thoughts are negative our immune system is weakened”. Hmm….yes I knew …

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Baby Blues

I remember a day or two after having my first baby (almost 28 years ago!), lying in my hospital bed and gazing at him in wonder…..and sobbing. My very caring doctor looked at me with concerned eyes and asked “Are you happy with your baby?” I looked back at him and in amongst my sobs …

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