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Sometimes I find my myself wondering what it would be like if he was here now.  I’d like to make a place for him at our table for Christmas lunch like I do for Mum and other family and friends.  I’d like to serve him and make up the spare room in our home.  I’d […]

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The Greatest Christmas Gift

Christmas can either be a fantastic and fun time, or a time of trial and stress. For most, it’s a bit of both, and I am fully aware that every parent keeps strong for the kids, even though it may not always be easy to do so. So, on behalf do kids everywhere; thank you. It probably

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First Christmas Alone

For you, this Christmas may be the first one as a separated or divorced parent. It could be a very hard, lonely and painful time or it could be a time of new beginnings, traditions and memories – it’s up to you. You might be thinking ‘I will be fine, I’ll go for a run,

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