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Strengths Make Kids Strong

One of the most respected psychologists in the world today, Dr Martin Seligman, recently said:

“(Teaching) children is vastly more than fixing what is wrong with them. It is about identifying and nurturing their strongest qualities… and helping them find niches in which they can best live out their strengths.”

During the past decade some fascinating research has shown that when our children use their strengths, they feel great. They are less likely to do things that are negative or challenging because they are using their strengths to do things well.

Kids who use strengths experience increases in: competence, success, wellbeing, flow and inspiration.

They sense that they have something to offer the world. They can do what they are strong in.

The great challenge we have as parents is to stop being the critic, and focus instead on presenting opportunities for our children to grow and develop their strengths.

To discover your child’s strengths, have them complete the free strengths survey  at

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