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Just One Look Can Destroy a Life

This could happen to any family at any time. It’s one of those topics we don’t like to talk about.

According to a cross-party parliamentary report, published last week, the scale of the exposure is so vast that four out of five 16-year-olds regularly access porn online — while one in three ten-year-olds has seen explicit material.” (Excerpt from the article)

Can I urge you as strongly as possible to read this article and understand how prevalent (what some experts have called a disease) this is. With this is mind how important it is for us as parents to protect our children not just for now, but for their future as well.

We can be as diligent as possible and yet things can still happen.


Following are just a few suggestions to help you protect your family. Some are the obvious, and then there are others you may have not thought about previously.

1)    Filtering on your home internet

2)    Look at not having data access on your children’s mobile phones

3)    Check on the history on your children’s computers

4)    Take your children on regular “dates” and talk to them about their lives

5)    Bring up the topic and subjects that are hard to broach

6)    Check to see what your children’s friends are up to

7)    Put time and effort into having a strong relationship with your children This is probably the most important of all things you can do

8)    Work with your children in putting strong role models who speak into their lives, and who they can talk to openly.


Our children all have 3 – 4 strong role models/mentors who they can talk to about anything. We as parents have a great relationship with these mentors as well. We know our children go through issues as we all do, and have another great group people around them to support and guide them. We talk to our kids about the mentors in their lives and why they are there. Because of this, they welcome the fact that we love and protect them in this way.

What protections do you have in place in your household for your children and your family? What can you do today?

Kingsley Colley