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Healthy Home Made Chocolate

Like most mothers of one child, I had spent an enormous amount of time buying only organic food and making everything from scratch. And in my perfect world, I had decided that my baby wouldn’t grow up having lollies and chocolate (what they didn’t know they were missing out on, the better!). But reality had a way of slightly moderating some of these ideals. Birthday parties, outings, visits to the Grandparents’ and the birth of my second child, all meant that unless I was going to become a food fascist, my children were going to occasionally eat these treats.

When I started toilet training my son, I choose dark chocolate over lollies as his reward. Although it was good quality dark chocolate, I was a little concerned over the numbers, soy and amount of sugar that was still in it. So I decided to make my own healthy (that’s right) chocolate from scratch!

Don’t be nervous about venturing into the unknown world of chocolate making, I promise you, this recipe is so easy, your children will be able to help you make them!

Quick notes:

• This recipe is a stir and pour.
• There is room to experiment with your favourite flavours.
• You will need to buy some silicone chocolate moulds.
Healthy Home Made Chocolate


• ½ cup of Coconut Oil
• ½ cup of Organic Raw Cacao Powder
• ¼ – ½ cup of Coconut Sugar (found in health food stores)
• pinch of salt

One of the following options to suit your desire:
* orange oil; desiccated coconut; dried fruit cut very fine; slivered almonds etc


1. Gently heat on low the coconut oil and the sugar.
2. Pour coconut oil and sugar mixture into a wide plastic or glass jug.
3. Add cacao powder and salt then stir with a whisk.
4. Add any extra flavourings or extras. Then pour into silicone moulds. Place moulds in a large plastic container and refrigerate for several hours (at least 3 hours).
5. Pop chocolates out of the moulds and gently place them into a container and place back into the fridge. They will keep for two weeks. Don’t leave them out of the fridge for long as they will melt into a runny non-descript mess in this summer heat!