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Each One of Us a Masterpiece

If you’ve got kids, you probably don’t have a reasonable photo of yourself, by yourself. I think it’s good to remember that you are an individual apart from your kids and husband/partner in this very kid-centric world. (And yes, I did just make that word up).

Recently I was doing some styling for a photoshoot and I asked my photographer friends if they could take some photos of me too. I’m getting closer to a significant birthday and thought it was time for an updated photo.

My creative friends turned the photos into artworks. They didn’t photoshop my breasts bigger, my bottom smaller, my nose prettier, my skin flawless. But they were able to capture a look unique to me and it reminded me that we are all masterpieces and there’s something beautiful about all of us, just as we are, right now, without losing weight, without buying the latest wonder skin product.

Maybe it’s time for a professional photo shoot just for you. If that’s beyond your budget you could ask a friend who is handy with a camera to take some of shots of you with makeup on and in an outfit that brings out your best qualities.

I think it’s important to look after ourselves, to make an effort to be healthy and to look the best we can and to enjoy the way we’ve been made.

There’s something irresistibly gorgeous about you, just as you are, right now – you just have to find it.

Photos by Leonie Gray of Technicolour Blooms and Melissa
Carey of Clickmiss

Xx Davina

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