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Who Matters Most?

My kids and I were watching a Disney movie recently. In the movie a dad, who was coaching his child’s sport team, yelled at his son.

After the coaching session the boy asked his Dad,

“Why did you yell at me but you didn’t yell at all the other kids?”

His Dad yelled back in exasperation,

 “I don’t care about the other kids.”

I was struck by the irony of this exchange.

Why do we treat those who matter the most to us in the worst way?

We would never treat our friends, acquaintances, or strangers the way we treat our family members.

Here’s a challenge for the rest of the day… Try speaking to your family members as if they were a special guest in your home. Even if they do something that a special guest would never do, speak to them as if they were that guest.

I think you’ll be surprised by the results.

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