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This is a guest post from our friends at Compassion

Dear Offspring,

There are just a few things I want to set straight before Father’s Day this year … five, in fact.

1. It’s hard to get excited about socks.

I know mine are full of holes and it’s true that I will never buy myself more. Still, with every passing Father’s Day it’s getting harder to fake surprise and enthusiasm when I open that tell-tale squidgy gift.

You know what I’d really like? A chicken. Now that would be a surprise! And a couple of chickens each and a bit of business help was all it took to get 297 families in Tanzania up and running as egg-trepreneurs thanks to Gifts of Compassion – I can get enthusiastic about that.

2. Novelty gifts are funny but what do I do with them now?

Sure, I chuckled at the beer belly drinks pouch, the fake hair hat and the hilarious BBQ apron. But you know I’m never going to use them, right? And there’s only so many jokester coffee mugs a man can store.

You want to get a laugh? Go in with your siblings and buy me a Gifts of Compassion toilet and get witty with the card. You know I’ve always had an appreciation for potty humour. But it’s really not funny that 2.5 billion people still don’t have access to improved sanitation, and so 2.2 million people die from diarrhoea every year.

3. Girls like getting perfume. Blokes, not so much.

Are you saying you love me, or that I stink!? That cologne you bought me might be an improvement on my Old Spice, but it’s not going to get my pulse racing. Unless it’s that BBQ scented cologne I’ve heard about…

Nope, if you want to get me something smelly, buy me a Gifts of Compassion goat. According to 3,300 families in Uganda, goats are tough, they aren’t fussy eaters, and they are good breeders. Sound like someone else you know?

4. Tools and handy gadgets just remind me of all the jobs I still haven’t done.

I thought this was my day to relax! Yes, a hedge trimmer, an electric can opener, or a socket set probably would be very useful, but I’d really rather not think about all the things on my ‘to do’ list today.

If you want to get me something practical, get me a Gifts of Compassion mozzie net. You know how personally I take my mosquito eradication campaign around the BBQ? Well, I think it really sucks that 627,000 people still die every year from mozzie-borne malaria.

5. I’d actually rather something that really helps someone who needs it.

I’ve got everything I really need – and more. So when it comes to Father’s Day, I reckon sharing some of what we’ve got with dads and kids who really need it is a pretty good way to celebrate.

That’s why this year, I’d love a Gift of Compassion. Thanks kids – I love you too!

Love your dad.