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Embracing ‘Dress-ups’

I attended a “Pirates and Princesses” party with my son today.  I so enjoyed dressing him in a costume for the first time in his short life (he’s just 2) and teaching him how to “arrrhhh” just right.  I, of course, jumped at the opportunity to dress as a princess, borrowing my daughter’s hand-crafted tiara and enrobing myself in sweet baby pink.  The other, much smaller princesses at the party were a little astonished to see Jono and I arrive, but it was great fun!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Take photos. Be silly. You don’t have to be a grown up all the time.  Show your kids how to have fun, they will always remember these times together.

It’s also a great excuse to buy that tulle dress you keep going to “visit” at Alannah Hill or Kitten D’Amour but thought you had no reason to buy.

Davina x

Photos by Clickmiss Photography

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2 thoughts on “Embracing ‘Dress-ups’”

  1. Catherine Dickson

    As a mother of an extraverted amatuer actor (who at 25 is still acting) all Birthday parties where themed with everyone in costume we embraced all his dress ups with passion. I believe it is very important to encourage imagination and enjoy your children’s adventures. they are only children for a very short time so embrace the time you have.

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