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A Night at the Drive-in

Today, while I was at my niece’s 1st birthday party, I was chatting with a friend Julie, who randomly asked the question ‘Do you ever go to the Drive In?’  At that moment I had a flash back to the one and only time that I had, as a 10 year old – I saw E.T. with a few neighbourhood friends.

Thirty years later – tonight will be my second ever visit to the Drive In.  With our combined four girls in tow, our movie of choice is Despicable Me 2.

When I announced to my 8 year old Izzy, we were going to the Drive In, her response was ‘Where?’  I then spent 10 minutes explaining how we sit in the car and watch a huge screen.  ‘That’s just weird, mum!”  Either way, she was excited to get to wear her new Hello Kitty ‘Onesie’ in public because it’s expected to be a chilly 14 degrees here in Brisbane tonight!

After checking the session times, the movie started at 5.30pm.  The website said gates open at 4pm.  ‘Why so early?’ We wondered.  We decided to meet there at 4.30pm, and just as well we did!  This place is popular!  It cost us $40 for two adults and two kids to get in.  For a couple of bucks more, we could have seen a second or third movie!  After securing two spots side by side, we put down the back seat of our 4WD and spread out the blankets and pillows.  How exciting was this??  The next thing was to buy some dinner from the café.  If I had been a bit more organised, I would have taken dinner with us.  But this was all part of the Drive In experience, right?  For a not-too-bad price, the kids had nuggets and chips, and the husband and I chose a piece of crumbed fish and wedges.  I was organised enough to bring our own drinks from home.   I also noticed on the menu they offered deep fried Mars Bar.  Not sure how popular that one was.

While enjoying our simple dinner, we watched the constant queue of cars lining up for their turn to get in the gate.  I am not sure if it is Drive In etiquette, but the movie didn’t start till after 6pm.  They seemed to wait for everyone to get a spot before starting the movie.  Still, cars were coming in up till half way through!  Despite this, the girls had an awesome night out.  It was something our family had never done before.  I wish I had thought of it for a night out when our girls where younger.  There were families in cars all around us with tiny babies, fast asleep in the warmth of their baby capsules.

At the end of the movie, when packing away our chairs, we were quickly approached by several people asking if we were leaving.  That’s a bit odd I thought.  I quickly learnt it pays to get there early as we had scored a prime viewing position.  Many families were staying on for a second movie and wanted our parking spot!

If you are looking for a fun time out with your family, I highly recommend at trip to the Drive In.