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Discover Your Child’s Strengths

raising confident kids

Some of the most fascinating research being done right now to help kids be positive and resilient deals with the idea of strengths.

Do you know what your children’s strengths are? Can you name them?

Take a minute and think about that.

Do you ever talk with your children about their strengths?

Children who know their strengths and use them regularly are more resilient, less likely to experience depression or anxiety, and are more confident than those who don’t recognise or use their strengths.

Perhaps they’re a communicator, an empathiser, great with their hands, or musical. Maybe their strength is their creativity, wisdom, or their kindness.

To help your children learn about their strengths, visit They can take a test – and you can too! Once you know what your children’s strengths are, help them use those strengths every day. They’ll be more confident, and happier.

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