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An Ex Parenting Expert Speaks Out

I used to be a parenting expert.

If I witnessed a toddler tantrum, I could tell the struggling mum exactly how to pull said toddler into line.

A misbehaving child? I knew precisely what to do.

Fussy eater? Not in my house!

That’s right people, I used to be a parenting expert… Then I had children.

And everything I thought I knew went out the window.

Nowadays, when one of my kids has a ‘meltdown moment’ in a public place, I look at all the ’parenting experts’ around me and declare silently: ‘I used to be one of you!’ If someone else’s child is having a ‘moment,’ all I’m thinking is ‘thank goodness it’s not mine today.’

These days, I’m a parent in training. Every day, my kids teach me priceless lessons in patience, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, creative cooking and the art of finding joy in simple pleasures.

I should graduate shortly after my last child leaves home and reclaim my mantle of parenting expert just in time for grandkids.

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