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Which is Your Parenting Style?

The way we parent has a profound impact on the outcomes our children experience. There are four main parenting styles. Which one sounds like you:

Authoritarian parents are down the line strict. They’re less concerned about their children’s feelings, and more concerned about following the rules.

Permissive parents are relaxed about rules – if they even have them. Instead, they like their kids to do what feels right, and they’re relatively warm with their children.

Neglectful parents pay little attention to their kids. They have few rules, and leave their kids to their own devices.

Authoritative parents are big believers in having rules, but they also focus on being emotionally responsive.

It’s children of these authoritative parents who enjoy the most positive life outcomes. They have better relationships, more success at school, less depression and anxiety, and more resilience.

Kids do best with parents who are firm, but warm. Does that sound like you?

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