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What this woman did at 8 months pregnant will shock you

This story captured my attention recently.

Alysia Montano, an American Olympian and five times 800 metre national champion, decided to defend her title at the US Track and Field Championships.

She lined up against the seven other competitors, ran the race and came last at 35 seconds behind her personal best time.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, she was eight months pregnant.

Yes, at eight months pregnant, this champion runner wanted to show the world what it was like for a female athlete to compete and start a family.

When I was eight months pregnant with my first child, I was exhausted after a trip to the movies and sometimes found it too much bother to walk the extra four minutes to get the banana muffin I really wanted.

How do you feel when you hear about Alysia?  I went through a range of responses from, “I hope the baby is ok!” to “You go, girl!” (yes, my internal dialogue can be that corny).  I thought, “Wow!” and I thought, “Man, I’m so lazy!”.

What’s your reaction?

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