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The World’s Toughest Job

Last week, I wanted to quit. I have never felt quite so unqualified for a position. Drowning in failure and frustration. Last week was a tough week in my motherhood journey.

Reeling in the aftermath of public tantrums – one live on radio and seemingly committing one big epic parenting FAIL after another, my morale was low. Parenting – what a rollercoaster!
Today, I’m sitting on a beach not far from our house, the water is calm, my feet sink in the cool, soft sand and my boys are building a sandcastle beside me, singing to each other and decorating it with sea shells and sticks.

This is the calm after the storm… ‘I can do this.’

Yesterday, Tyson came to me with a pretty yellow flower he had picked from the garden; ‘For you, mama.’ And tucking Jack into bed last night, he gave me a wet kiss and whispered: ‘love you.’
All the tantrums and parenting fails of last week are forgotten and I’m back on top of my game.
In the midst of it all last week, I watched the clever video of a series of job interviews. The job description was intriguing…

Requirements: Must have excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills
The ideal applicant will have a degree in Medicine, Finance & the Culinary Arts

Hours: 135 hours – unlimited hours a week (Basically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
There are no breaks available
Sometimes you’ll be required to stay up with an associate throughout the night
No vacation, in fact, on holidays, the work load is going to go up

Pay: The position pays absolutely nothing
Finally, the interviewer reveals, this is a job done by billions of people every day… mothers.
No wonder I feel underqualified, exhausted and frustrated sometimes, as the video states, this is the world’s toughest job.