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Spring into Family Time


 Without a doubt spring is my favourite season. There are a number of good reasons for this (mostly personal and selfish).  Not only do we come into what I think is the perfect temperature, giving more excuses to head back into the pool and beach but weather wise, almost every day is perfect. Beautiful sunshine and a feeling of fresh invigoration and inspiration flow through the air.

More important than perfect days though, are other more selfish reasons.

1)   It’s fathers day

2)   Our wedding anniversary

3)   My birthday

In that order. I don’t think it could get any better!!!


 Growing up in NSW (yes a Blues supporter) and every year as a kid looking forward to being able to stay outside longer, playing tennis, football, cricket, riding my bike or anything else we could do. Daylight saving was the best!!!

Ahhhh (Imagine the sigh of reminiscing in your mind here) – those were the days.


 The point here is that with spring having arrived, the days getting longer and the weather mostly perfect. Now is a great time to head outside with the kids and or your partner.

There is so much to do, and what a great way to be an inspiration and an example to your kids. In the last blog post we looked at the “culture of health” discussing how to raise fit and healthy kids.

For various reasons, if this is not currently a culture in your household, there could initially be some kickback from some members of the family, but after a short time, they will love it and be asking you to come outside and be part of their newfound fun.


 Here are just a few ideas and activities that can create great family memories while building a healthy culture.

Try out new sports

  • Head to the beach for a run, a swim, beach volleyball, beach cricket
  • Maybe try night swimming as it gets warmer – its great fun. But be careful and only do it with other people.
  • Practice handstands and cartwheels outside (dads, the girls love this).
  • Go for a bushwalk
  • Play spotlight in the dark
  • Build a fire in the back yard (when legal) and tell stories or play guitar
  • Have a massive water fight
  • Lie on the ground and talk about nothing, or what happened at school
  • Look at the clouds a imagine the different animal or dragons shapes and create stories about them
  • Create a picnic with your kids in the back yard
  • Have a tea party with your daughter
  • Plant a garden
  • Get together a neighbourhood game of cricket or footy
  • Go camping in the backyard and tell scary stories

Or you can do a myriad of other things.

You will have some great family ideas, please add them in the comments.

It’s amazing how many life and social skills are learnt, by engaging in some of these family activities and trying out new opportunities.

What will you do in the next few weeks to take advantage of the new season for your family culture?

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