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Raising Confident Kids

raising confident kids

For the past several decades lots of ‘experts’ have told us that praise boosts our kids’ confidence.

While this can be true in some instances, research has consistently called this idea into question.

In fact, a lot of research shows that praising our kids can actually undermine their confidence.

In his book, ‘The Optimistic Child’ Professor Martin Seligman stated that if we want our children to be confident, they have to be good at something – or competent.

We DON’T get confident kids through praising them. Praising creates kids whose confidence is shallow and can crumble at the first sign of failure. Australian Idol is a testament to that!

Instead, confident kids do at least one thing well. They don’t have to be the best. So long as they feel competent. Whether it’s music, sport, art, or something unique to them, competence boosts confidence.

If you want your kids to be confident, help them become competent.

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