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The Amazement of Spending Time With Kids

The difference a little bit of time with your kids can make is beyond amazing

Recently I started another business, and anybody who has started a business is fully aware that they don’t “just happen”
Because of this, over the last few weeks I haven’t spent much time individually focused on my kids, or focused on them much at all for that matter. But that is harder to admit.
From time to time that’s OK, however, there is a point when your children’s attitudes & behaviour changes and an entitlement syndrome seems to take over.


At this point I could blame my kids, & yes, they need to be able to control their emotions. However, I am still dad & as such at the age my kids are, 7, 14, 15 it’s up to me to notice this & put focus back on my kids.
Honestly I probably left it too long to spend the time with them, but the good news is, when I did, the difference was light & day. The change was huge and completely amazed me, and my wife.
I was spending all this time focused elsewhere, yes I was home physically, but that was all, except to give my kids orders to follow. So one Friday night, my 7 year old boy & I got our dog, Sarah-Fina-Rose (don’t ask), headed to Cold Rock for an ice cream & mix ins. Then the three of us went to the beach in the dark, & ran, talked, pretended & chased birds. Afterwards we went home & watched a movie while everyone else was out.


Joel is generally a mummy’s boy. Not unusual for boys at that age, but the change in his behaviour and attitudes completely blew me away. All of a sudden, he was a daddy’s boy.
Yes I know what your thinking. “Now there’s an idea, I might try ignoring my kids for a while”. Not really the point I was trying to make.


Anyway, I got more cuddles than ever. He came & asked if he could help clean the yard, get my food, do the dishes, make my bed, anything he could. He was no longer mummy’s boy (at least for 3 days).
The importance of spending time to kids was hammered home in the best way possible.
I was very fortunate & was not only forgiven, but paid well with all the love and attention in the best way possible.
Are you looking out for signs when your kids need you and  giving your kids the time they need doing what they love?