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Something every family does differently

Recently, I attended my niece’s wedding. Boy, does that make me feel old. There were about 30 uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, grandparents etc all together.

As I observed everybody interacting, it occurred to me that despite the fact that everyone came from one family, only a couple of generations ago, there were different family cultures in operation.

Each of the kids (some now adults) were well behaved children and grandchildren, yet, how their parents went about it was different. The relationships of each of the husbands and wives was different. The way the parents related to their children was different. The way the siblings related to each of their cousins was different.

It really hit home to me that each family has their own culture, each family has their own way of;

  • talking
  • acting
  • relating
  • operating

Quite often a large part of our surface culture, or how a family operates, is developed as we get older, as our families change.

However, the deep seated culture and traits don’t change and this is what makes a family strong. This is what trains kids to be leaders with character.

Every family does culture differently, every parent parents differently, every family interacts differently, every child is different in their emotions, reactions, personality, likes and dislikes.

What’s important is that the culture you want for your family remains the main focus.

However your family operates, if that’s the real you, and you are creating the family you want, keep going.

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