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Self Care Day

It doesn’t happen very often, but today I’m completely without a schedule.   I worked late last night to finish a job due today and nothing new has arrived for me via my ever present companion, the Dropbox.

I have a birthday party arranged for my daughter tomorrow and I could spend the day fussing over a home-made birthday cake.  Instead we have chosen to buy one, of my daughter’s choosing, from an excellent independent bakery nearby.

It’s strange having a day without at least one child in it keeping me busy, but I’m keeping that Protestant work ethic under wraps.  It’s easy to think that our value as a person is reflected in what we do or achieve.  Even Thomas the tank engine can give us the guilts if we’re not being a ‘very useful engine’.

I would definitely allow myself a lazy home day if I were sick.  I’m not sick, but I could be if I don’t take time to do some things that I love instead of letting the unrelenting chores of motherhood, work and managing a household take their toll.

There’s a scene in the soon to be released movie Moms’ Night Out in which the lead character (a strung-out Mom) is reminded that on an airplane during the safety instructions that, in case of an incident, you should affix your own breathing mask first before helping your children.  This is so you can help without expiring yourself.

I’m sitting up in bed with a coffee, surrounded by books and magazines, the French doors are opened onto the courtyard.  I’m choosing to ignore the unfinished landscaping and the children’s toy in my view and just enjoy the quiet.

So make some time, even an hour, to read that book you’ve been looking forward to starting, or just sitting in a quiet place with a coffee.   Don’t feel guilty that the washing is not up to date.

The haranguing, homework, violin practice and dinner time dramas will be waiting for me later today.

Serenity has been interrupted by the vigourous whipper snipper action by a neighbour.

I may have a long leisurely bath soon.  I’ve got to do something with all of those pretty bathing products the kids bought me at the Mother’s Day Stall.

What would you do with a self-care day?

Xx Davina