Mum Daily

Passions of Your Heart

We are on the cusp of a new season; and how many of us have completely given up on our crazy New Year’s Resolutions?  Anybody…please tell me I am not alone.

I challenge you to use the reflection questions below for a little “Jesus & Me” soul searching time. I want to encourage you in 2015 to really be intentional about your priorities and the goals you have placed on the back burner for way too many years. Tomorrow you will wish that you had started today! So, don’t let another year go by where the passions of your heart are not ignited with the fire that God placed in your very soul!

*What do you consider a valuable use of your time?

*Does you daily calendar reflect this?

*Have your distractions taken a top position on your priority list?

*What areas of life do you NOT want to miss?

*What are you doing today to ensure that you are enjoying the moments that matter?  Are these decisions enabling you to not live with regret tomorrow?

Moms – you are a big deal! Don’t just test the waters on your dreams; be determined to make some waves!!