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Multiculturalism at its tasty best

On a recent Sunday morning my friend Sheryl, who grew up in Malaysia, invited me to a vegetarian cooking demonstration.  Now I’m not vegetarian, and my true and abiding love of roasted lamb shoulder and pork belly precludes me from ever being vegetarian, but I was more than happy to join in.  The people I met were originally from Asia, India and Central America; some were vegetarian for health reasons or religious reasons.

It was a hands-on morning, with everyone being encouraged to have a go at these new cooking techniques.  Let me just say; Mushrooms, is there anything they can’t do? And white pepper salt, although I haven’t been able to find it at Woolies, is an actual taste sensation!

Soon enough all of the hard work was done, plates were piled again and again by our hospitable hosts in that beautiful way that tells you that they’re looking out for you.   Delicious home-cooked food; there’s nothing better to bring people together.

Why not hold a cooking demonstration with people of different cultures in your neighbourhood?

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