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Living La Vida Leisa

Leisa always has a smile and exudes an understated elegance, even in the busyness of the carpark during the school run. Leisa has honed a style all her own and has introduced me to many new talented designers.

She’s a queen on eBay and online shopping and picks up designer pieces at fantastic prices. She knows a bargain when she sees one and funds her latest purchases by selling things she’s not wearing anymore. She knows how to cull, and she knows what suits her – two valuable qualities.

She has inspired me to go through my wardrobe again and cull further to make space and maybe some cash from those things that I just don’t seem to wear anymore or sadly will not ever fit me again.

I’m going to start with eBay but there are other avenues for selling (and buying), check out The Diva’s Wardrobe and Cinderella’s Closet.

Leisa loves vintage shopping and would recommend Ela Hawke Vintage. She love finding hidden designer treasures in vintage and second hand shops. She’s also a fan of Asos for great online  bargains (and free postage) and pieces you wouldn’t find in Aussie high street stores (the knit jumper in the photos is an Asos find). Leisa loves Mezi and Mimco for Accessories.

Have a look at some of her latest finds whilst I get busy sorting my own wardrobe:
leisa02 leisa03 leisa04 leisa05 leisa06

Leisa also has an obsession with shoes, or maybe ‘collecting hobby’ sounds better. I haven’t seen her full collection, I’ll do some investigating and share the results soon. It sounds like they need a blog post all of their own.

Xx Davina