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Here’s to you, dad

Sunday is Father’s Day so I am going to celebrate our dads. Give a shout out and honour these men who work hard, go without, worry, love and support their families, sometimes without thanks or respect and regard in return.

The picture of a dad is different for everyone. The ‘nuclear’ dad (mum, dad, two kids, a dog and cat), the single dad, the grand-dad, the foster dad, the step dad, the father-figure, the elder, the uncle, the new dad, the alone dad, the estranged dad and I am sure there are more I have missed.

Here’s to you all!

The role of the father has changed over the centuries. In Biblical times the father was the head of the household, what father said was the way it was to be. Then there were many shifts as the world saw radical changes and the role of the father as the guiding figure in the family seemed to fall victim, and the mother became the strong care giver. The pendulum seems to be swinging back with studies showing why the role of the father is very important.

Dads, you sometimes probably feel you are swinging on that pendulum and wondering where you stand. Let me assure you, you hold a most esteemed and reverent place in your child’s life!

The Father-daughter relationship is a very important one. Your daughter will draw her conclusions about what men are like from you. You will become her guide post for what to expect from men and how she will be treated by men. A healthy, loving relationship with your daughter will lead to a young woman who is at ease in her own skin and in her sexuality.

The Father-son relationship. You are mentors and teachers to your sons. Showing your boys how to be men, to feel strong and good and important, while also feeling loved and valued. To be a nurturer, rather than just a provider. Showing your sons why fathering is the most masculine thing a man can do. Being a hands on dad, be involved with your boys, and finally showing your boys how to honour and respect women.

 Some tips for Dads

Spend time with your kids. Get to know who they are, what are their favourite things? Who are their friends? What is worrying them? Hang out together and get involved. In this busy world you live in, you may need to be creative here and sometimes sneaky with those teens. Read the bedtime story (a great time for a little chat); drive your kids to their sports or other commitments (you have a captive audience in the car!) Go out for an ice cream together (taking our teenagers out for a meal weas always our best ‘talking times’).

Encouragement! Tell your kids how pleased you are with them. Never let an opportunity to praise them slip by. Tell your daughters they are beautiful and your sons how proud you are of them. Kids shine when they know how much their dad loves them.

This Father’s Day, honour and remember the dads in your world. Our dads need encouragement too! Do something a little extra special for the father or father figure of your children and honour your dad.

For those of us who have said good-bye to our fathers, take a few moments to remember them.

I will be celebrating my husband this Sunday for the wonderful role model he is to our kids and I will spend a time in refection as I remember my dear dad.

It is a wise father that knows his own child ~ William Shakespeare.




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