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From trakky daks to out the door in 4 easy steps

Ok, so it’s now winter time in Australia.  It is a little chillier than usual, and we do like to be comfortable, but it doesn’t take much effort to head out the door looking like you’ve got it together.

It’s all about substitution, a principle we all use so well when cooking:

1.  Replace said trakky daks with a pair of tights.  There’s so much choice in colours and textures.  I’ve found some great digital print designs this season at Ally stores for just $15.  Try

2. Put on a comfortable dress or long top that cuts above the knees and a either a statement necklace or some long earrings.  Easy!

3.  Buy a pair of boots.  I love my knee high boots in tan leather with a heel.  If your wardrobe budget can only afford one pair of boots, I’d opt for tan as I think they’re more versatile than black.  Winter is such a short season in most parts of Australia so wear them often, wear them well.  Don’t save them for a special occasion, you can wear them most days. Boots are an expensive purchase but the accountant in me calculates the cost per wear and suddenly they become an investment.  For example, if you bought one pair of boots for $150 and wore them every second day over 3 months of winter for 3 seasons ($150/45 days/3 years) that means you’re only paying $1.11 per day for all of that fabulousness!

4. Top it off with a wrap or scarf around your shoulders and a nicely cut trench coat.

Put some lipstick on and, as my friend Rose would say, “Total wife material!”

Xx Davina

8 thoughts on “From trakky daks to out the door in 4 easy steps”

  1. I love the bit about calculating the fabulousness of investing in a good pair of boots!! Such an accountant!! The lawyer in me seems to find a good argument to justify ‘needing’ them

  2. Davina – please sign me up when you start the “how to always look gorgeous and stylish while justifying the investment” finishing school! I’m starting with the lippy advice 🙂 Your lippy is always smashing!

    1. “Finishing school” love that idea Rose. Makes me think that six months in Switzerland, kid-free would be a great investment – I’ll start working on the figures! I hope you didn’t mind me borrowing your “total wife material” line, and do know that I will be following you around with voice recorder turned on waiting for other gems. Best, Davs

  3. Can you do your magic with my budget of nothing? I’m a jeans wearer and although I love the idea of a good pair of boots, this ever growing stomach is making my feet challenging enough to get to as it is… I need to invest in some slip-ons that cover my toes this winter & revisit the boots idea next winter I think! 🙂

    1. Taryn, just so you know, it sounds like you might be having a baby! (Disclaimer: This comment in no way constitutes medical advice). If so, comfortable flats are the only way to go. I bought a pair of nude flats with rose gold coloured steel caps earlier this year and they go with everything! You may find that you need to forgo the jeans as your stomach continues to grow. Go the frock Taryn!

  4. Sharon Churcher

    Davs, I love your justification for the boots!! Such an accountant but so practical!! Love it! I’ll be telling my hubby accountant that one!

  5. I love my boots Davs, and if you live in Melbourne, you can probably say they would only cost about 50c a day! Great investment! Great tips!

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